Pricing & Policy

We understand everyone’s event is different and each client has different needs, so it is hard for us to itemize a price structure until we know what you are looking for. After a brief consultation we will assess your event and send you the appropriate menus to look over. Once you decide on a menu, we will send you an itemized quote for each selection based on a per person price for our services with any other rentals or staff you might need. Don’t be fooled by catering companies who give you an inferior product or processed food for low prices. Our goal is to give you the freshest seasonal ingredients that we can obtain. Like I have seen in the past “you get what you pay for.”

Please understand this is full-service catering from start to finish. We supply everything that is needed to make your event flawless and stress-free.

18% Catering Fee

This charge offsets labor and administrative costs such as administrative tasks, working with rental companies, dishwashing, packing and unloading for your event, site visits, shopping, ordering groceries and travel time to and from the event. This charge is not a gratuity for the service staff and is subject to state and local tax laws.

Inclusive In Menu Pricing

All of our buffet events include banquet tables to serve our food on, crisp linens for the buffet table, decor based on your themed event, runners, risers, cocktail napkins, votive candles, serving utensils, chafing dishes and platters.

Our sit down formal tasting menus include all necessary plates for each course, fine hammered stainless steel utensils, linen napkins and tablecloths on request depending on the size of table you want to dine at.

What Makes Us Different?

Tableside Gourmet differs from other companies because we cook your food on-site, we try to stay within the seasons, we buy mostly from local purveyors, farmers markets and our food is made fresh, so as not to lose quality. We believe it just makes more sense to serve from pan to plate.

Overall Charges

When we provide your customized menu we list all of our estimated charges in order to provide you with a most up to date proposal. In addition to the per person price for food we will include the following in each proposal: 18% catering fee, cost of rentals, labor charges for service staff, and 6.8% sales tax for the phoenix metropolitan area. Gratuity is left up to you for a job well done.


We understand sometimes you need a little reassurance for your investment. We do not offer tasting unfortunately but are willing to provide you with our previous client contact information. You can also see our reviews on Yelp, Facebook and Google.

Food Amounts

We will provide a set amount of food based on the guest count given by the client. We are not responsible for your guests' eating habits. If you are at all worried that some guests may consume more than the average person, we suggest you take that into consideration.

General Service Staff Information

Providing excellent service to you and your guests is of utmost importance to us. We have developed a server/bartender to guest ratio based on our experience to assure we meet our goal of excellent service to you and your guests. Many factors affect the number of servers required for an event.

Some of these are:

1) The number of guests at your event

2) The set-up requirement for your event

3) The type of service you select buffet, served or family style

4) The type of menu you select

5) The amount of time to set-up the event


Gratuities are always left to your discretion, if you would like to include a gratuity for a job well done you may choose to give a percentage of the total or an amount to each staff member. Gratuities may be added to your payment or given to the staff members the day of the event.

Drop-Off Services

Tableside Gourmet delivers to a majority of the Maricopa County area. There is a delivery charge for drop off orders, and the standard 18% catering fee will be charged. All drop off orders are served in aluminum reheatable pans with specific heating instructions.

Please allow 24-48 hour notice on all drop off services when possible.

Planning Your Next Event?

We want you to focus on being the host. Leave all the back end details to us.  Our goal is for you to be the talk of the town.